SoCal Lady Bloggers- Love Your Body

Southern California women are often represented in the media by lean Hollywood celebs, plasticized ‘Real Housewives’ and stereotyped as lean, tan blondes.

We are real.

We use our bodies everyday… working, chasing kids, jogging, vegging.
We have mommy pooches, cellulite, extra pounds.
We wear sunscreen and have white legs.
We have bad hair days and bare nails.
We wear flats to keep feet comfortable, ponytails to hide unwashed hair and clothing to hide what we won’t love.

We are beautiful.

October 19th is the National Organization of Women’s Love Your Body Day.

We’re inviting you to write a blog post to link up with us the week of October 19-26th telling us about your relationship with your body.

Some ideas…

What do you love about your body?

Do you hate something about your body?

Have you learned anything about or come to appreciate anything about your body?

What advice would you like to give about self-image?

You can even link up to an existing post that you have written about your feelings toward your body.

We will have a badge ready with the link-up, so be sure to come back October 19th and join in!

Join us for our first Twitter Party
Tuesday, October 25
8:00 PM
Let’s talk about what we do for ourselves to make us feel special.
Prizes too!


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