Blogger Spotlight: Hello Erin!

My name is Erin, there are so many things that define who I am, but most important I am a mom to two beautiful miracle boys, children they said I’d never have. I’ve lived a lot of life in a short amount of time. I’m a cancer survivor, and have learned that the best day in life is today! So my motto, Life Happens, so Live it, no regrets. My friends know me best, but my life is an open book, and I’m willing to share any of my experiences, if it helps someone else, then it was all worth it. I love to create but I am far from crafty. I hate shopping unless it’s for someone else. I’ll try anything once. (Well, most things anyway.) I love to laugh with my friends. When I am your friend, I am a friend for life. My biggest fear is the loss of my children and my mom. I am a simply complex person, but so easy to know!

For the Moms
Simply Simple

Remembering Our Past
Back where I come from

From Erin’s “Write You Beautiful” Blog
A New Adventure

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