12 Days of Giving – Day 2 – The Unforgettables Foundation

During my time as a reporter for my local paper, I learned about one organization that worked to aid families in some of the darkest hours I could imagine.

Those following the death of a child.

I covered several stories- a young mother who lost her premature baby after it lived months past what the doctors told her- a family who died in a fiery auto crash, young patients who lost their battles with illnesses.

Sometimes when I was spending time in the office I would take a call from a local resident looking for coverage of a story so people would donate to the unexpected funeral expenses of a child, or just for advice who to turn to when the car washes weren’t enough to pay for a casket.

There was one group that was always there in the stories, on my lips.

The Unforgettables Foundation.

The Unforgettables Foundation was created in 1999 to assist low-income families give their children a respectful burial.

It serves Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties and have helped over 3500 families since 2000.

The requests for aid for families who have lost one so young comes from hospitals, social service agencies and the families themselves.

The Unforgettables also holds a New Year’s Eve event to honor the passing of children who died each year with a candlelight walk “Lights for Little Lives”.

The group offers CPR group training sessions with its free program CPR2U and has taught 9,000 people in the Inland area in schools, community centers and synagogues.

Contact The Unforgettables Foundations at its main office in Redlands or one of its other locations to find out more about the CPR4Uprogram or how to donate to an amazing organization that helps families pay for burials no one was expecting would come so soon for some so young.

Megan writes at Sunshine Wonderland. Find her on Twitter


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