12 Days of Giving – Day 4 – Recreational Music School

Today Jessica Giles of Giles Smiles shares something that is important both to her and her children. Welcome Jessica!

I wanted to share my love for a non-profit music school that my child attends.  Recreational Music School is an amazing organization of teachers who are passionate about sharing the arts with everyone, no matter the age or ability to pay.

The owners, David and Leslie, maintain high quality classes and try their best to help anyone, who is committed to the music, continue lessons even through financial hardships.

When times are tough in the public school system the arts are often the first classes cut, but did you know that kids who study music actually do better in school?(Science Daily Feb. 10, 2009)

RMC’s understanding of the deeper benefits of having music in one on one instruction and group lessons is certainly apparent in their practices. Lessons are tailored to student’s needs, and one’s budget.

The school is located in the heart of cultural arts schools in NTC at Liberty Station, Point Loma alongside ballet schools, museum galleries and theater companies.

To continue to reach out to the community they need help gathering monetary donations and supplies ranging from instruments to office supplies. A list of items they need can be found here. Donations can be made directly on the website or in person to David Gereghty.

Our family feels music is a basic piece to the puzzle of our lives, and Recreational Music Center fits perfectly.

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