12 Days of Giving – Day 7 – Hillsides

Anyone who has a close relationship with someone who had been in the foster care system for an extended period of time knows how much can slip through the cracks.

There are so many children in the system, sometimes it is hard to find special care for those who need it.

Hillsides is a private non-profit located in Pasadena, and is considered an official institution of the Los Angeles Diocese of the Episcopal Church, that works with abused children.

It works to counsel both children and families, offer support, therapy and advocates children’s rights.

What I think is one of the most important programs at Hillsides is its Youth Moving On Transitional Housing program, which gives young adults age 18-24 affordable housing and support after emancipating from the foster care system. I really believe now, more than ever, those kind of programs are needed for those struggling for jobs as they grow independent.

Hillsides has a long wish listwish list full of items for the
children in their care.

Hillsides offers a family adoption program at the holidays, and they are still in need of families to be adopted for the holidays!

Megan writes at Sunshine Wonderland

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