Meet Our Sponsor: Whitney Howard Designs

I’m really excited to introduce you all to Whitney Howard Designs. They are our new sponsor at SoCal Lady Bloggers and I have been in love with their line of inspirational jewelry for years.
My husband Howard and I, share more than a marriage and three children. We also share a unique sense for creating “heartfelt art objects.”  Since we first met, we had chemistry for creating not just a loving relationship, but we had a natural creative spark to create meaningful things. When we first started dating we started a candle company called Cosmic Relief Zodiac Candles. Our candles really took off and before we knew it, we were selling to shops across the country.
I went on to open a retail shop with my sister, called Handle With Care.
Handle with Care was an extraordinary retail shop, and we were open for 16 fantastic years. Howard spent years in the corporate world learning and gaining the experience necessary to lead Whitney Howard Designs in the right direction.
Howard and I learned early on in our relationship that we had the magic needed to be able to work together and really enjoy it. Flash forward to the present. We have a beautiful family and a business we love. The Studio at Whitney Howard Designs is a workplace that brings us much joy.
Howard and I are grateful to be able to express ourselves as artists and designers of products that touch peoples’ lives.
Our entire collection is inspired by our desire to bring peace, love, healing, and gratitude to those who give and receive them.
Our newest collaboration is The Shop, a retail space for Whitney Howard Designs and most especially a debut to our three children’s businesses.
Our intention with The Shop is to allow our children to learn about the American Dream first hand. We want our children to thrive in school and in the world around them. Allowing our children to have their businesses within The Shop allows them to learn about business, how to be an entrepreneur and to build confidence.
All our fans and retailers can look forward to our newest feature debuting in January 2012. It is called our Quick Tip Accessories Minute. Every few weeks I send out a Quick Tip Accessories Minute that will feature me talking about a specific piece from the Whitney Howard Designs Collection. This will give me an opportunity to tell you all why I created that item and why it is special to wear or give as a gift. I look forward to creating these videos for anyone interested in learning more about our collection.

Read about the Swhwartz kids’ business in  The LA Daily News.

Whitney and Howard
Whitney Howard Designs is providing all our members with a special key that is inscribed “Inspire”. We hope that SoCal Lady Bloggers can provide the inspiration you need to succeed in all your endeavours. To get your key, join us on Facebook and Twitter and come to one of our monthly luncheons.
We’d also love you to follow Whitney Howard Designs on Facebook and Twitter. And let them know SoCal Lady Bloggers sent you.

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